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Download Topspeed Database Scanner

Download TopSpeed Database Scanner

TopSpeed is a database engine that was used by some older applications. It stores data in files with the .TPS extension. If you want to access or analyze the data in these files, you might need a tool that can read and convert them to a more common format, such as SQL. In this article, we will introduce some tools that can help you scan and convert TopSpeed databases.

TPS Data Reader

TPS Data Reader is a C# library for reading TPS databases. It also provides a command line tool and a simple GUI application that can convert TPS files into CSVs. You can download the binaries or the source code from GitHub. To use the command line tool, you need to specify the input TPS file and the output CSV file. For example:

Download Zip:

TPSReaderCMD.exe input.tps output.csv

To use the GUI application, you need to select the input TPS file and the output folder. Then, click the "Convert" button to start the conversion.

Database Scanning Tools

Database Scanning Tools is a web page maintained by NIST that lists some tools that can identify vulnerabilities in database applications. Some of these tools can also scan and audit TopSpeed databases, such as:

  • : A database vulnerability assessment tool that can scan TopSpeed databases for security issues, such as weak passwords, default accounts, excessive privileges, etc.

  • : A database security and auditing tool that can audit TopSpeed databases for compliance, performance, and security issues, such as unauthorized access, data leakage, configuration errors, etc.

  • : A cross-platform database development and management tool that can connect to TopSpeed databases via ODBC and perform various operations, such as browsing, querying, editing, exporting, etc.

ODBC Driver for TopSpeed

ODBC (Open Database Connectivity) is a standard interface for accessing different types of databases. If you have an ODBC driver for TopSpeed, you can use any ODBC-compatible tool or application to access and manipulate your TPS files. For example, you can use Microsoft Access, Excel, SQL Server, or any other ODBC client to query and export your TPS data. You can download an ODBC driver for TopSpeed from SoftVelocity. To use it, you need to install it on your system and configure a data source name (DSN) for your TPS files. Then, you can use any ODBC tool to connect to your DSN and access your TPS data.


In this article, we have introduced some tools that can help you scan and convert TopSpeed databases. Depending on your needs and preferences, you can choose one or more of these tools to work with your TPS files. We hope this article was helpful and informative for you.

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