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Laser Kiwi Flag Buy _BEST_

After the referendum, the flag's popularity made a "comeback" as it became widely available as a consumer product, and is often seen at events such as sports or concerts across and outside of New Zealand.[4]

laser kiwi flag buy

Gray moved to Auckland following her parliamentary candidacy. She produced her flag design in Microsoft Paint during an evening. Inspired by the many "deadly animals" in Australia, she took a Kiwi icon and turned it into a deadly animal. When the initial four chosen options were released for the first stage of the New Zealand flag referendums, Gray stated that she was "uninspired" by the designs as they "didn't derive much meaning" for her.[6]

One of the most exciting entries in the 2015 NZ Flag Referendum the Lazer Kiwi Flag. This flag has won many hearts and by popular demand and with permission from the designer Lucy Gray we now make and stock this flag for you to fly and lazer your flag pole with.

Laser Kiwi sets a fast pace through a battery of wacky circus skits and fooling around. Performers Imogen Stone, Zane Jarvie and Degge Jarvie from Colossal circus company are a talented group of proud kiwis here to fly their chosen 'Laser Kiwi' flag in front of the world - or Adelaide, close enough. Luckily the audience embraces the inane vibe and are quickly pulled into a stream of ridiculous hijinks.

The laser-beam Kiwi was not (just) an instance of Australasian mockery of pomp and circumstance. Between the Crown and Maori, New Zealand has a rich and fascinating vexillology over the past 200 years, which amounts to a body of lore in itself.

Shooting laser beams is hardly a defensive posture. This is a passive-aggressive Kiwi, capable of offensive action, of cognitive penetration, and of the skills and mindset necessary to sustain nation state sovereignty. This Kiwi actually wants to zap people. This is the Kiwi that fought in the Great War, fought Hitler and the Japanese, a kiwi that can hold its own in the world. It is the Kiwi that helped set up the UN and made a real go of General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade (GATT), the Uruguay Round and the World Trade Organisation (WTO).

De "Laser Kiwi flag", oorspronkelijk getiteld "Fire the Lazer", werd in 2015 ontworpen door Lucy Gray als een voorstel voor een nieuwe vlag van Nieuw-Zeeland voor de Referenda over de vlag van Nieuw-Zeeland.[1] Hoewel het ontwerp het niet tot de nieuwe officiële vlag van Nieuw-Zeeland heeft geschopt, is het op internet en sociale media een bekend humoristisch fenomeen.

De Laser Kiwi-vlag is in 2015 gemaakt door Lucy Gray. Tijdens de Nieuw-Zeelandse vlagreferenda van 2015 en 2016 werd de Laser Kiwi-vlag een groot fenomeen op sociale media en werd het gebruikt door komieken zoals John Oliver. De vlag is voorzien van een Nieuw-Zeelandse varen en een kiwi die een groene laserstraal uit zijn ogen schiet. De beschrijving van de vlag was dat "de laserstraal een krachtig beeld van Nieuw-Zeeland projecteert. Ik geloof dat mijn ontwerp zo krachtig is dat het niet eens ter discussie gesteld hoeft te worden." Er werden vaak grappen gemaakt door komieken dat als de vlag de officiële vlag van Nieuw-Zeeland zou worden, dit "angst" zou veroorzaken bij de vijanden van Nieuw-Zeeland.

New Zealand is not the first ex-British colony to launch a national debate on its flag. The Great Canadian Flag Debate of the mid-1960s was a divisive affair involving 35 public meetings and many entries from the public, and was eventually resolved in favour of the iconic Maple Leaf through parliamentary manoeuvrings by the incumbent Liberal Party.

Even more pleasingly, the longlist will be whittled down to four flags by the panel, which will then go to a referendum in late November/early December. This referendum will ask voters to rank the four shortlisted designs, with the winner decided using the Alternative Vote. This will then go to a run-off against the current New Zealand flag in March. 041b061a72

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